70s Reno: Demo

Back to our 70’s suburban wonderland! Demo comes first. We have filled three dumpsters already with shag carpet, parquet flooring and popcorn ceilings. We kept the peach flagstone centerpiece and lovingly capped it with a new sealed chimney cap. Oh, did we mention we found an indoor pool?

Investigative demo always proves fun: Upon removal of a section of subfloor in the living room, we found that a previously installed indoor pool had been covered over. Under the living room. It was too late to save or we would have jumped right in (and it works as a living room)! Don’t worry, there is also a 50,000 gallon exterior pool, once deemed the largest residential pool in Kentucky (we are leaving that one)!

While the demo continues, we can’t stop thinking about what the house wants us to put back. Maybe the intent of the original designer was to create a space that always had a view of natural material –  I mean, the wood parquet floor and flagstone fireplace count, don’t they? Considering the era, this just seems to be something to explore; natural modern.

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Burnworth Design | Demo | Pool

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